More Than Just Your House – Home Security For Your Pool

A pool can be one of the nicest features of a home, providing cooling refreshment in the summer and also a reason to bring family and friends together. Taking care of a pool means more than just making sure the PH levels are adjusted correctly, it also means that the pool must be secured so that it does not become the scene of an accident. Pool security is an important part of home security.

Did you know that drowning is a leading cause of death in children ages 1-4? Or that in many jurisdictions, a home owner can be held liable if an intruder (ie, neighborhood child) uses the pool without permission, and drowns? Most pool owners do not need to be convinced that it is important that there pool remain safe and secure both from intruders and from their children entering alone.

The first step in increasing pool security is to make sure that the perimeter of the pool is surrounded by a fence with a lock that is not easy for a child to open: it should be above their reach and require two step process, that small minds cannot decipher. Second, make sure that inflatable pool toys are not stored in plain sight, but rather in a locked trunk or shed. Small children are often tempted by the presence of toys or think that even if they do not know how to swim, they will be able to float with these objects.

Remember, good home security systems are not just about home alarms, but also about making unfortunate accidents less common. Make sure that if you are inside with your children, that all doors leading to the pool (like sliding glass doors) also remain locked. The idea is to create many barriers to the pool.

Do not forget to talk to your child about pool safety, telling them that they can never swim without an adult
present. Also, if you own a pool, your child should be taking swimming classes and you, the adult, should learn CPR and first aid in case of an accident.

The last thing to keep in mind is to install a home security system that also protects your pool. There are many home alarm systems that include motion monitors for the pool that can never be turned off, only put on sleep mode, which means that if any child falls into the pool or jumps in, an alarm will sound, alerting the home owners.

The home alarm system is more than a way to protect the home; it is also a way to protect the family. Remember, the vast majority of child deaths from drowning occur in their own pools, and with family members at home. Most of the families who experience such a tragedy come from high income backgrounds and are normally very watchful parents. This tells us that desire to protect one’s children is not enough: a pool alarm is a vital tool to ensure that the pool remains a place of relaxation and diversion, and not death and tragedy.

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